Cosmoprof North America (CPNA) provides unmatched brand-building resources necessary for the further growth of the beauty industry. CPNA delivers unparalleled opportunities from domestic and international business development, insight and inspiration through education, and connection to social media influencers, trade/consumer media and ultimately allowing networking with the industry’s most elite movers and shakers.

So much takes place at Cosmoprof North America, here’s the break-down:

Beauty ID Awards: Judges from Aware products, Badger Winters, Barney’s, FIT and more are looking at the submitted products’ distinctive design and user functionality.

While there were a number of dedicated “Discover” sections implemented throughout the entire show, Discover Beauty and Discover Green were the standout stars of the show. Other Discover sections included Discover Packaging, Discover Scent, Discover Beauty PRO.

Discover Beauty: Up and coming brand’s worthy of the review. These brand’s sit in their dedicated section and shine under the spotlight.

Discover Green: Up and coming, as well as tired and true brands who pave the way to the clean beauty revolution.

Cosmoprof Professional North America hosted PBA (Professional Beauty Association) Beauty Week, which mean the North American Hairstyling Awards took place during Cosmoprof North America 2017.

Glamour Me Boutique: This was a service of paying $10 to donate towards PBA’s education efforts and you select 7 samples to stash in the pretty pink box with a bow, provided by HCT Packaging.

New Product Preview: Saffron Secret, Sphynx, Makeup Drops, Aria Beauty, were brands that stood out just to name a few. Sphynx offers portable razors complete with a lather bar, water compartment, AND a back-up blade? This product is perfect for the boss babe on the go.

Discover Beauty After Dark: A showcase of what’s hot and new now. Read my coverage here.

Panel Presentations: Some of the panel presentations I was able to attend included the social influencer panel, social consumerism with indie lee, industry trends including on-demand services.

Hearing Indie Lee’s story of discovering a brain tumor was beyond inspiring. Her dedication to her personal wellness, her brand, and educating consumers is felt within five minutes of hearing Indie speak on this topic. The audience had a lot of questions regarding ethical beauty and the standards brands have to meet and the ones consumers need to understand, as well as the efficacy of these industry standards was a major topic discussed.

This year, a total of 36,787 people attended the industry’s staple show and a total of 1,278 exhibitor’s participated.

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