My Meditation Retreat at Home

I decided to do Dr. Christopher’s 3-day cleansing program because I’ve felt my body is super out of whack and I want to change my diet. A cleanse is a great way to restart the body before going into a new lifestyle.

Since I was taking 3 days to focus on readjusting my body I wanted to also focus on readjusting my mind and its thought patterns. I’ve been reading a lot of Louise Hay and her teachings on affirmations and how our minds thought patterns (if they’re negative) manifest as other dis-eases and ailments in our body. Then I thought about how I’ve always wanted to go on one of those meditation retreats to just be at peace, preferably on the beach, being one with myself. I sought this to be the perfect opportunity while on a 3-day cleanse to create a weekend mediation retreat right in my home.

Since I don’t live on a beach, there were a few things I purchased to create a zen atmosphere. Of course candles- one of my favorite things ever! I found my rose quartz crystal and cleaned it by soaking in sea salt overnight and drying it in the sun. I purchased sage and incense to clean out my space.

Besides following the cleanse rigorously throughout the 3 days I made time at least twice a day to sit, breathe, burn sage, and think positive affirmations.

If there’s something wrong with your body, your exterior- I believe it all begins with looking internally. Since we obviously can’t physically look inside of ourselves, meditation is a practice that allows you to listen and/or reach inside yourself.

I believe it was in the book The Secret I read the phrase “create your paradise inside for it to manifest outside.” This is one of my favorite sayings ever. Whatever it is we want to see in the “real world” we must create it from within. That may sound really weird and impossible, but it’s not. If you want to explore this philosophy I suggest you purchase Louise Hay’s books and get to reading! It’ll all make sense once you immerse yourself and don’t question it.

I suggest everyone takes the time for themselves and do something you’ve always wanted to that will have direct benefit to you. I always wanted to do a cleanse, I always wanted to do a meditation retreat and there was no one stopping me from doing it but myself. Our bodies are our vessels, if we treat it properly, listen to it, and feed it nutritious foods and healthy thoughts it’s kind of amazing the results we’ll see in our physical life because of it.

I hope all you stay well!

Always Your BFF,


Dr. Christopher’s 3-Day Cleanse

In an effort to cleanse my body and provide a jump start to my body’s ability to heal itself I decided to do Dr. Christopher’s 3-day juice cleanse. I’ll explain the daily schedule of the cleanse in a bit but let me start by explaining why I chose this cleanse. Today there are so many cleanses made available, we’ve all heard of the lemon water cleanse that’s even been dubbed the “Beyoncé cleanse” that involves drinking water with lemon and some type of syrup. There are people who just consume green juices for a period of time to cleanse. There are countless cleanses but I knew that for me to do a cleanse there needs to be some science, some facts, and proven abilities to it.

I don’t even remember how I learned about Dr. Christopher, it must have been from my online searches of ways to heal my ailment. Dr. Christopher is one of the founding fathers of herbalism in the United States of America. He was a doctor who would visit people who were very very ill and help them health themselves through herbal treatments.

After reading about Dr. Christopher and all of his knowledge and recommendations for countless ailments, I knew I had found someone who could help me. Dr. Christopher has long passed from this earth but his Legacy remains and has books and websites that offer an extensive herbal product offering to assist those who want alternative healing.  I purchased Dr. Christopher’s 3-day cleanse pamphlet because after reading general text about the cleanse online I wanted to read the official book on the cleanse to make sure I would do this correctly.

The premise of the cleanse is to start your day drinking a big glass of prune juice, then alternating every half hour a glass of Apple juice (unpasteurized, no sugar, all natural) and distilled water all day. The only thing you are allowed to eat if you get hungry is fresh apples.

After the cleanse, for about 2 weeks, I followed his recommendation of the Mucusless Diet. This includes eating no flour, sugar, no meat, no eggs/dairy. This wasn’t too easy to follow, hence the 2 weeks but still until today, about a month and a half after the cleanse I still eat pretty clean following this diet, but one meal of the day will contain something that doesn’t follow the mucusless diet.

I’ve purchased a juicer around the same time I started the cleanse and have incorporated more fresh fruit and vegetable juices into my diet.

One of the principles Dr. Christopher communicates in his book on the 3-day cleanse is the importance of cooking with low-heat. Dr. Christopher emphasizes how all food is alive. When we take the food to the fire and cook it on high heat is when we turn food dead. Dead food = dead body and live food=  live body. When I was strictly following the diet I steamed vegetables a lot over low fire, I baked potatoes on low heat. Every morning still today my breakfast is the breakfast recommended in the book- of low heated grains/oats. I purchased a thermos and at night I boil water, I pour oats to fill about 1/3 of the thermos. Then I pour the hot water on top. I close the thermos, flip it upside down a couple times to let the water soak all of the oats and let it sit overnight. In the morning I scoop it all out into a container and that usually lasts me 2-3 days of breakfast. I drizzle organic honey and sprinkle organic cinnamon on top, and as of recently been adding a spoon of coconut oil in the warm oats for it’s incredible health benefits.

Immediate benefits from this cleanse included seeing my face so clear of any pimples and naturally glowing. I’ve never seen my face this healthy, I’m usually so blemish-prone. I lost a few pounds, but that wasn’t the goal of the cleanse. When I did eat meat after some time of following the mucusless diet the taste was odd to me. This cleanse definitely helped me reset my palate and my body. I felt healthier and with more energy- despite the energy low’s I did feel through the 3 days particularly at night I would feel really tired, weak, and achey but it was totally worth it.

It’s been a journey, one that will continue but I feel like I had to share with you Dr. Christopher’s teachings and how they’ve helped me so much embark on this new health journey. I hope it will help you too.

Always Your BFF,


YourBFF is Back!

I believe I’ve come to write this exact post about 10 different times. 10 different scattered days throughout the last 2-3 months. Why it’s taken me so long to write this post is because I want to tell you why I’ve been gone for so long. Of course I haven’t been fully gone, you can always connect with me on my Instagram. But mentally, creatively, I’ve been a bit MIA. I haven’t been able to write this post because I am not even sure why I’ve been gone or what caused it.

Simply put: I have a health ailment. Something that’s come up in me since early 2014, something that I’ve visited many health practitioners about and not been able to have a clear cut answer on how to make it go away. The first 4 months were grueling for me. Not having a simple remedy to follow to heal me. Then it hit me: healing. I can’t just make something go away, I need to heal it. In order to heal a problem you need to know what caused it.

I just put down the book I purchased today: Louise Hay Heal Your Body and I feel so enlightened to share with you today that I am healed. I’m not healed as in the ailment’s gone away or healed itself, but I’m healed in the sense that I know I’m okay.

It’s odd, when we are sick or told we are sick we look for cures, we go to a doctor, search WebMD, search online forums, we literally worry ourselves sick. What we’re not always told to do is to search for the cause of the sickness. We’re not always told that if we worry more about healing or making the problem go away we are going to make the problem worse. We’re not always told to search within ourselves to find the answer, to think about what were we thinking/feeling when this ailment or problem came to be. Instead of thinking, feeling, and searching within we are told to apply a topical cream, take an x-ray, or go get a prescription.

I believe very much in the mind, body connection. After visiting different doctors and them telling me there is nothing they can do for me, well now I’m empowered to embark in my own spiritual journey. Where I listen to my body, feed my body properly, respect my emotions, and affirm my soul.

So that’s where I’ve been BFF’s finding this path, finding this inner peace within myself. I appreciate you waiting patiently for my return. My return will be slow and steady as I’m balancing my passions while also allowing me the time I need to rest and not stress.

The greatest thing of this all has been my rediscovery of what beauty truly is. Without your body, mind, and soul taken care of there will be no outer beauty to share with the world. I can’t wait to share with you all my new found perspective!

Always YourBFF,


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